About Us

Your HR Partner

BHR is a YOUNG and ENERGETIC dishwashing and cleaning company. We use those words according our BHR strength. It employees are young, energetic, educated,experienced and most importantly flexible communicative guys to avoid hazards where miscommunication is a great barrier in this field. BHR has taken the responsibility from top to bottom both Employee of BHR and its clients. For ensuring our clients satisfaction, it takes immediate step where it needed either in service or paper work. For reserving the quality service, it always stands through supervising, immediate extra hand, or any awkward situation to fulfill the clients demand.

We train up our employee before starting new place to meet up the demand of busy situation. This gives us great strength and confidence to avoid any bad situation BHR belief that if the employees are satisfied, Quality of service will be automatic generating, which can meet our clients demand. BHR are just trying to adjust both sides (employee & Clients) for maintaining and making business out of it. So its very important task for BHR to survive in this field.